Here at Down to Earth Chiropractic & Rehabilitation we rarely limit themselves to chiropractic techniques alone. Chiropractic treatment rests upon the understanding that the spine’s ability to function impacts all of the body’s systems—which in turn influence the spine’s health.  For instance, exercise and nutrition play a critical role in chiropractic care across the board.

Nutritional Counseling
We understand how intricately the body’s systems work together. The foods a patient eats can have a powerful impact on the neuromuscular system, which means changes in diet can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of chiropractic techniques.

Inflammation caused by dietary factors can aggravate many of the conditions chiropractors treat, including rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, and neuritis. Combining nutritional counseling with chiropractic techniques can minimize systemic inflammation and thereby reduce pain as well as other symptoms.

Nutritional counseling can take a variety of forms—most commonly prescribing dietary supplements and dispensing literature about nutrition. However, effective counseling also includes:

  • Monitoring a diet diary.
  • Conducting and analyzing lab tests.
  • Creating a customized dietary plan.
  • Monitoring the patient’s improvement.

Chiropractic and Exercise

Exercise is another complementary treatment that often goes hand in hand with chiropractic techniques—particularly for the treatment of lower back pain. Many studies have cited the importance of exercise, along with spinal manipulation, in the treatment of acute and chronic lower back pain. Exercise helps strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles to better support the spine, keeping patients limber and improving their quality of life.

It’s also helpful for relieving neck pain. Studies have proven a combination of exercise and chiropractic techniques to be more effective at treating neck pain than any other noninvasive interventions.
We’ll prescribe pain-relieving stretches between spinal adjustments or incorporate physiotherapy into a patient’s overall treatment plan.

By incorporating nutritional counseling and exercise into our chiropractic practice, we can achieve better treatment results while assisting patients toward improving their overall health.

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